We have assembled 3 types of examinations for our clients. The quick examination can be used as a pre-filtering, with the basic examination can show a more detailed image of the artwork, while the complex examination is a thorough analysis of the artefact. In case an artifact reveals in the first phase of the investigation that it is not worth continuing the research, the investigation will be suspended.

The type of examination is proposed by the Painting Examination Laboratory, approved by the Customer in all cases, thus the testing phases may deviate from those described. The examination packages are recommended based on the age of the given painting.

The Painting Examination Laboratory holds the contents of the user database confidential and does not make it available to third parties.

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XRF measurement and data evaluation at a pre-arranged date; the evaluation can be done within minutes due to the speed of the analysis.
The test is performed in the Painting Examination Laboratory, but it is also possible to perform a quick on-site inspection (the price does not include the call-out charge).

PRICE: 50,000 – 60,000 HUF / 4 measurements


Preparation of multispectral photographs, XRF measurement (minimum 5 points), stereo microscopic examination, short evaluation of the obtained results in a written report. The examination is performed in the Painting Examination Laboratory, the duration of it is a minimum of 5 days.

PRICE: 100.000 – 120.000 Ft


Carrying out the complete test series: non-destructive testing, pigment grain sampling, X-ray examination, and cross-sectional analysis if necessary. We will provide a detailed report of the results obtained, with additional style-critical additions if required. The duration of the examination is a minimum of 2 weeks.

PRICE: from 230,000 HUF


We provide our customers a homogenous, standardized report on the results of the analyses. Due to the exact nature of the acquired data, the tests can be repeated in any laboratory with similar equipment.

The report is compiled by the staff of the Painting Testing Laboratory based on the measured results. The painting examination report always reflects the current state of the painting. After a retouch or restoration the report has to be revalidated. The report does not state the author, but the age of origin.

Each package includes a painting examination report with the results and their evaluation. The report can be translated to English at the request of the customer.
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